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There is a wide selection of clear vinyls for your enclosure.  Choosing the right one can be confusing so we will guide you to make the best selection. 


The soft clear vinyls we use today come from different manufacturers and have different trademark names.  They come in extruded rolls or pressed polish sheets.  Then there are the rigid clear windows in acrylic or polycarbonate.  The thickness of the vinyl is measured in Mil, the most commonly used in the marine enclosures are from .30 to .80 Mil.


Extruded Roll Vinyl


This vinyl comes in .30 Mil. or .40 Mil.  It is the least expensive, not particularly clear and does not weather very well.   We normally use this material only for replacement of existing vinyls.


Pressed Polish Sheets


This clear vinyl has good optical clarity.  We use it in the majority of our enclosures.  It comes in .30 Mil. and .40 Mil. thicknesses and has a good useful life but it scratches easily if not handled properly.  We use Crystal Clear 20/20 with great results for our enclosures.  For more information click here.




This is the top of the line soft viny used in our enclosures.  This product has excellent clarity; a scratch resistant coating, and excellent UV blocking.  It resists “yellowing”.  It is more expensive but worth the expense.  We use .40 Mil. for a flatter look. Please follow this link for more information


.60 Mil. Polycarbonate


This is an upgrade from the soft vinyls.  It has a glass like clarity, is completely wrinkle free and lasts longest.  It can be sewn just like the soft clear vinyls so the panels can be replaced easily.  It is shatter proof and scratch resistant.  It cannot be rolled up so we design it to flip open.


Rainier Windows™


We are exited to be an authorized Rainier Window Fabricator.  This product is the absolute best semi-rigid window available on the market.  It uses a proprietary manufacturing process to create a water tight bond between the fabric and the window.  These windows use .80 Mil shatter resistant polycarbonate or acrylic windows.  They have glass like clarity, are long lasting, and flexible yet rigid, as they can be bent.  They provide you with up to 98-100% protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.  For more information please follow this link.



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