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We believe that an informed customer is in a better position to decide what materials to select for their project.  This page will help you understand what some of the choices are.  Rest assured that we are always here to guide and advise you through the process of design, material choice, fabrication technique and care of your finish product.


Customer Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can you take some measurements and build my canvas?


A. Measurements are good only for an estimate.  In order to fabricate a new canvas we need to go to the boat and make plastic patterns for each piece of canvas.   It is an important step in guaranteeing a proper fit.  It allows us to make the best use of materials, give the customer a preview of what the job is going to look like and we will have a record of  the job should you need to replace a lost or damaged part of your enclosure.


Q. Why can’t you copy my old top?


A. We never copy old canvas.  The old top was stretched on the boat.  When taken down the canvas will change its shape.  If we make a copy, it will not fit properly.  We make our own patterns.  This way we can guarantee a perfect fit.


Q. Can you make a new top and keep the old side panels?


A. Not a good practice.  An enclosure is build from the top down not the other way around.  We would spend more time trying to guess where all the panels meet the new top and will not make it economical for you.  As an alternative we can try to fix your old top until it is time to replace the whole enclosure.


Q. How long will my top or cover last?


A. Properly cared for fabric (and I cannot stress this enough) should last seven to ten years.

Keep it clean, tensioned and bring it in for restitching at the first sign of trouble.  For proper care and cleaning instructions please follow this link.


Q. How long will the clear vinyl last?


A. Again proper care is the key.  First rinse salt water off, clean with soap (not boat soap) and water, and apply a marine clear vinyl polish.  Second is the quality of your clear vinyl.  The least expensive will yellow the fastest.  Good quality vinyl should last four to five years.  For a guide in selecting a clear vinyl for your boat follow this link.


Q. Why does my clear vinyl get yellow and brittle?


A. Plasticizers are used in the manufacturing process.  These keep vinyl soft and pliable. These plasticizers begin to migrate to the surface where they leech into the air.  Keeping this process from happening is a protective coat applied to the vinyl.  When this coat goes, the plasticizers leech out and the clear vinyl becomes yellow and brittle, an irreversible process.  Applying a Cleaner/Polish will keep these plasticizers in, reduce scratching, and extend the vinyl’s useful life.  Please note that once the clear plastic becomes yellow and brittle or scratched no amount of polish will bring it back.  We can easily replace just the clear vinyl portion of your curtain.


Q. How long will my thread last?


A. We guarantee our stitching against sun degradation for the life of our product.

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